I’d love to speak at your next event or conference! For speaker requests, please email me at jonathan_eng@gatewaychurch.com

Would love the opportunity to partner with you!

See below for a sample of sermons and trainings:

  • Loneliness (Evergreen Baptist Church of Los Angeles, March 2016)
    • To listen, click here
  • #whereisjustice Sermon (Austin Chinese Church, August 2013)
    • Part of a series in 1 Kings
    • To listen, click here
  • LGBTQ and Faith (University of Texas at Austin IV, April 2013; Austin Chinese Church, August 2013; IV Red River Region’s RecWeek Conference at Camp Buckner, May 2014; Southern Methodist University IV, Oct 2014)
    • This talk/workshop has been adapted for several different contexts. I explore the cultural and biblical understandings of sexuality, unpack our Christian realities when it comes to LGBTQ issues and people and consider how God calls us to respond in love. As a straight, Asian American male, I also share how God broke into my own life and started giving me a heart for people whom I had once marginalized.



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