Random Birthday Thoughts


Not sure why we took this pic after watching Avatar.

It’s been a long couple of months. It feels disorienting to celebrate my 28th birthday in the midst of a taxing season (sorry I couldn’t resist throwing a cheesy pun in the midst of our most beloved April 15th deadline – I have to keep myself entertained somehow). But as they say, “life is good.” I still can’t believe someone trademarked that phrase. What a great way to brand.

So even though it’s been a bumpy 2013 so far, I know God’s still leading the way and inviting me to trust him in deeper ways. Here’s a few unedited thoughts about life, birthdays and randomness:

Why Starbucks gets it right: 

  • As much as people might dislike conglomerates like Starbucks, you gotta admit, some of them know how to celebrate their customers. A free starbucks treat – any size – on your birthday is pretty awesome. I hate to admit it, but my Venti Java Chip Frap really does  make me feel celebrated, even if it’s coming from a global organization that stores my personal information in a database and automatically sends me a gift on my big day.


  • Sometimes, I wonder what it’s like to have a real twin connection (yes, I’m a twin). I mean, I’m thankful that Tim and I don’t have some crazy psychic link, but it would be cool to jump into a cold shower and know that your twin could potentially scream in the middle of a class lecture or a presentation. That would be such a great prank.
  • Jack Johnson is always a great artist to bum to. I feel like I’m at the beach as I sit next to a parking lot outside of Starbucks.
  • Riding my bike on a cool day like this makes me happy.
  • I need to learn how to worry less and trust more. So much of life’s worries don’t change if I just mull on them. I wonder how much more freedom God has for me if I would first depend on him instead of living into my fight or flight patterns or desires to solve things beyond my control.
  • There’s a couple kids running around near me. Kids really know how to have fun =) We can learn a lot from them.

To my family and friends: 

  • Thanks, Gloria, for being a wonderful wife who helps me to see all that God has created me for! I’m so thankful that God brought you into my life to pinch me when I’m trying to relax =)
  • Thanks, Mom and Dad, for getting married and having me and Tim. I wouldn’t be here without you, literally. Thanks for your love and support throughout the years.
  • I’m really thankful for good friends. Ministry has been a joy, but one of the sacrifices and costs of being in college ministry is not being able to connect as regularly with friends or people you could see being really good friends. It just comes with the territory when you have to be on campus when everyone else is grabbing dinner with friends or having happy hours.  Thanks to my friends who have loved me and met me where I am throughout the past several years, and thanks for all the bday wishes!
  • Thanks to my partners in ministry for your prayers and support through the years!
  • I’m glad I won’t be getting caked by Clee and Dan this year.

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