Strange Security

In the midst of an exciting time during the year, I often find myself unknowingly caught up in a beautiful unfolding of God’s character.

The activity of these days feels nothing short of frenetic. Ride my bike. Cool off. Meetings. The sweat on my shirt still hasn’t dried. Reconnecting with returning students. The morning caffeine is kicking in now. Lunch with a volunteer. Welcoming new students at campus tabling events. Side conversations with staff. Time begins to blur as I switch from each mental mode to accomodate for different interactions. Finally, at an hour like this, I breathe. Taking stock of my day, I am suddenly reminded that God has been present.

Where? How? I actually don’t always know.

It’s amazing how much life happens in the moments of our days. Even more astounding are the ways in which God has been there – in every moment, in every interaction, in every breath. Subtle at times yet ever-present, His Spirit resides in me and strangely, in both the comprehensible and the incomprehensible, moves in this world to bring about His purpose. How inscrutable and glorious are His ways! I cannot begin to imagine how His Spirit is moving in the international student I greeted in my broken Chinese or the new student I just met on campus who wants to find out more about faith. But when His faithfulness surfaces, what a sight it is to behold.

I don’t always know the inner workings of God; after all, there’s only so much that He reveals. But after a long and hurried day, writing and reflecting on God’s Sprit puts me to peace. In Him, there is a strange security that escapes the description of words, “a peace which transcends all understanding.” It doesn’t matter that there are hundreds of things seemingly left unfinished or unresolved (that reminds me, I really need to clean the dishes in our sink soon!). If left to my own devices, I would never sleep. But right now, as I sit back and simply be in His Presence, I know that I can rest secure.

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